Interaction Design Studio

This was a project for a graduate-level Interaction Design Studio class I took during my last semester at the University of Michigan. This class was focused on guiding students through the process of ideation, definition, and design of a digital solution for a problem they wanted to address. I chose to focus on the difficult task of finding healthy food at affordable prices. During the course of the semester I defined the problem, came up with a design philosophy, performed competitive analysis, sketched out multiple solution scenarios, created personas and anti-personas, sketched my concept, created a paper prototype, and created a fully clickable digital prototype. I came out of the discovery and design phases with the idea for an app named ShopRight that was meant to aid young people around campus in finding affordable and healthy groceries more easily. Throughout this process, I was constantly iterating, refining my idea, and learning about what goes into the creation of a digital solution and experience.

The Work