Loop: UX Senior Capstone

Loop was my User Experience Design Senior Capstone project at the University of Michigan. I worked with a group of other seniors in my program within the School of Information to develop a project idea and design a technical solution through the UX design process. There were many deliverables throughout this project, but the end product was a high-fidelity prototype, a supplemental 60-page report, and attendance at the UM School of Information Senior Design Exposition, open to the public.

The problem my group and I decided to address, was the inefficiency of the current course evaluation system at the university. Loop was a proposed platform that offered a continual loop of feedback and communication between students and professors. After literature reviews, numerous stakeholder interviews, ideation within the group, and a detailed design and iteration process, my team and I designed a web app to connect professors and students in a more informal and continual way throughout a semester. This project was focused on making feedback an important and integral part of the academic process, in order to increase student engagement and to help professors improve their courses and teaching techniques.

Check out the Loop prototype here.

The Work