FTD & ProFlowers

This project was a redesign and replatforming of the FTD and ProFlowers shopping experiences to give the client a high-powered, responsive, ecommerce design system that showcases their brands and products. The team was tasked with creating a flexible and cohesive design system that could effectively serve 4 different brands. I was a member of the team starting at the discovery phase and worked on the project all the way through the detailed design and implementation of 2 separate releases. The first release encompassed the browse and shop experiences and the second was a redesign of the cart and checkout experiences. This project began with an agile process in place but transformed to meet the needs of the client and the project team. I was able to work directly with client teams and internal teams to create a seamless and intuitive customer experience. 


The discovery phase of this project started with extensive competitive analysis to identify what the flower market is doing well and what they aren’t doing well. Coming out of this competitive and current state analysis, our team worked to create 2 possible directions for the experience of the sites. These directions were then used as stimuli in customer concept labs to find out how real people buy flowers and what they think is important to the experience. Using insights from the focus groups and the analysis done throughout the discovery phase, we came up with 8 experience principles to help guide the team in the detailed design phase of the project.


Throughout the design phase of this project I worked closely with product managers and the client to identify requirements so that the UX team could create detailed wireframes of all possible interactions and flows within the site experiences. I regularly presented these wireframes and design decisions to the client, providing justification and iterating when necessary. During design sprints we performed user testing to help refine our design decisions and to help us better understand the user's expectations and needs. I was responsible for creating the high fidelity prototypes in Proto.io for these user testing sessions as well as for client presentations.

Throughout the design and implementation of both releases I supported product managers, visual designers, front end, and back end developers as they designed, documented, and built the intended experience


Work Process

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