This project was focused on establishing a standardized UX and design framework for’s 327 global sites. These B2B sites needed to communicate Eaton’s mission as a company, provide users with the ability to easily find manuals for products they already own, present product information in a compelling and simple way, and give Eaton the means the educate and inform users about the company’s innovation. The design was implemented for one of Eaton’s industry businesses and with plans to release subsequent industries until all of the global sites are live. I joined during the discovery phase of this project and worked with a frequently changing team throughout the entire detailed design phase.

Discovery phase process


In the discovery phase of this project we used competitive and current state analysis, stakeholder interviews, and documentation reviews to understand the current state of and where the company wanted it to go. Coming out of this phase, we identified 8 areas of opportunity that would serve as guiding experience principles throughout the project. We also compiled the business requirements that would help shape the site experience. Going into the design phase, the team was ready with the information and the stakeholder buy-in we needed to redesign to better suit the needs of the company.


The design phase of this project was structured in sprints that addressed one or multiple page template types. Throughout this process, I created wireframes of numerous templates and modules after extensive research and thought. I then worked closely with the visual design team to help the translation of wireframes to visual comps go smoothly by explaining the intent of the modules and providing guidance on more complex modules and pages. During this collaboration templates and modules were iterated on to help better fit into the design system and to match the intent of the page template.

The overall deliverable of the design phase was a Digital Experience Toolkit comprised of detailed documentation of every template and module, a detailed explanation of the site structure, and a full style guide for the design system. I took ownership of this detailed documentation toolkit that was sent to an external development team. In doing so, I coordinated and communicated daily with multiple team members to ensure consistency across descriptions and visual comps, ensuring that documentation was thorough and complete. 

The Work